Nanny Cam Stuffed Dog Toy

Nanny Cam Stuffed Dog Toy

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Stuffed Dog with Advanced Monitoring Capabilities

Step up your security measures without drawing attention with the StealthGuard Stuffed Dog. Disguised as an adorable plush toy, it holds within it the prowess of modern surveillance technology, ensuring the safety of your surroundings while remaining inconspicuous.

Highlighted Features:
🔍 Seamless Activation: The camera kicks into action immediately upon powering up, ensuring no event goes unrecorded. ⏱️ Detailed Recordings: Every video comes with precise date and time stamping, making it easier to reference and review footage. 🔒 Smart Surveillance Modes: Whether it's on motion detection or continuous recording, the camera adapts to your preferred surveillance style. 🕹️ Effortless Control: A wireless remote ensures that you have control over the camera functions even from a distance of up to 15 feet. 🌐 Optimal Field of View: With a 65° FOV, it captures a broad expanse of the area, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Choose StealthGuard and combine the peace of mind from a security system with the charm of a plush toy. Ideal for parents, guardians, or anyone needing covert surveillance.

Brand: Mini Gadgets
EAN: 0819209019764