Bookcase Hidden Doors "Secrets & Plans"

Bookcase Hidden Doors "Secrets & Plans"

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Details: Discover Hidden Doors built to last by Master Craftsmen! The doors include a light duty in-swing built by a Carpenter, a full size heavy duty Bookcase Hidden Door built by a Master Carpenter, a light duty out-swing Bookcase built by a Mater Cabinet Maker and a proposal for a $23 Thousand Dollar Hidden Door. The Proposal reveals the secrets that one of the most successful hidden door companies in the US uses to build these highly crafted doors! Readers also get access to the Hidden Door Guide with a list of Hidden Door Builders. Some of the Hidden Door Secrets that are revealed are:
* Hidden Door Automation, Hidden Door Hinges, Hidden Door Locks & more!

Author: Thomas, Vince

Format: Kindle eBook

Publisher: Vince Thomas

Release Date: 08-07-2012

Languages: English

Binding: Kindle Edition