Kid Labsters Spy Alert Kit

Kid Labsters Spy Alert Kit

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Details: You hear something suspicious moving around outside. You thought you saw something move in the basement, Your mom is always complaining that there is a sock missing every time she finishes folding the laundry. Take out your Kid Labsters Spy Alert Kit and conduct an investigation. This engaging kit comes complete with a motion sensor, listening device, flashlight, glasses and belt so you can hunt for clues and solve the case. Clip your secret accessories to your belt, strap it on, and put on your shades to be a spooky spy heading out on a secret mission! If you think you saw something move, get out your motion sensor. You can easily attach it to any object and it will loudly alert you if the object gets moved! Hear a noise and you’re not sure what it is? Grab your listening device and plug in the earphone. This exceptional tool can pick up sounds from a distance of 75 feet away! Can’t make out something because of poor lighting? Use your flashlight so you can identify any suspicious movements in the dark! A great gift for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions, the Kid Labsters Spy Alert Kit is the perfect set for children who love detective work and a good mystery. Not only will it stimulate their thinking and spark their imaginations, but it also allows them to engage in some role-playing fun with tools that actually work. And with the lightweight belt, children can easily carry around all of the important spy tools everywhere they go. The mystery of those missing socks may be solved once and for all.


  • DISCOVERY AND LEARNING: Any child 5 and above will be delighted to hunt for clues and solve the case. Use the tools in this kit to detect objects, pick up sounds and shed some light on suspicious activity in the dark.
  • CALLING ALL DETECTIVES: With the Spy Alert Kit, your child will feel like a spooky spy gathering up evidence to solve a mystery. He or she will learn how to use equipment like a real detective, allowing imaginations to run wild.
  • COMPLETE SET: Kid Labsters’ Spy Alert Kit includes everything you need to be real, spooky Spy! It comes complete with a motion sensor, listening device, flashlight, glasses and a belt for easy storage and carrying.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: This intriguing set makes a great gift for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions for any child who loves police work. If your child is interested in becoming a detective, this set is sure to be a hit.
  • PERFECT ACTIVITY: With the Kid Labsters kit, children can conduct their own investigations right in the comfort of your own home! Everyone in the whole family can participate and join the search party.

Brand: Kid Labsters

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